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Driving in Guadeloupe

Roads are generally good on Guadeloupe and vehicles drive on the right. Drivers are skilful but everyone seems to be in a hurry and tailgating is common. Coating of the road and road signs are in quite good condition on the majority of the roads. On the secondary road network, roadway condition can be damaged especially after a big storm.

When entering roundabouts, always yield to others and stay to the right until you see your exit. If you have an appointment to keep, allow extra time for slow moving trucks or groups of bicyclists (cycling is a major sport on the island), since many roads are only two lanes. Traffic jams are common on the outskirts of big cities and it is better to avoid driving between 8 am and 5 pm. Automatic speed machines are frequent and spread on the whole territory.

Be careful when driving by night. Many bicycles without any light and pedestrians cross the roadway. In Guadeloupe you could find many cows on the roadside.

For stays of 20 days or less, a valid driver's licence is needed. For longer stays, an international driver's permit is necessary.





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