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Food & Dining in Guadeloupe

Local food on Guadeloupe is a wonderful mix of French meets Creole with a bit of African and South-East Asian thrown in. It's often hot and spicy, with lots of fish specialties. Dishes include lobster, turtle, red snapper, conch and sea urchin. The more formal restaurants will require appropriate dress.

There is a great number of restaurants on Guadeloupe, and you are sure to find the one most adapted to your taste. Diverse culinary options range from pizza and crepes to Indian cuisine. Look for fine-dining restaurants that belong to the gastronomic association l'Union des Arts Culinaires (UAC). For a quick and inexpensive meal, visit a boulangerie, where you can buy luscious French pastries and simple sandwiches. Look for the recommendable chain Délifrance, too. If service is to your liking, be generous and leave some extra euros. In most restaurants in Guadeloupe (as throughout the Caribbean), lobster is the most expensive item on the menu and can easily top €40.

As of January 2008, all restaurants and bars are smoke-free, as decreed by French law.





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